Install vscode on Arch Linux


Method 1: official binary version (recommend)

yaourt -S visual-studio-code-bin

Method 2: open source build

first should modify open file limit on your device.

edit /etc/security/limits.conf

Add following lines to the end of file

*         hard    nofile      500000
*         soft    nofile      500000
root      hard    nofile      500000
root      soft    nofile      500000

Reboot (or log out and back in)

switch to root user sudo su

use limit -n to ensure the value is 500000

Then switch back to your user

Just like su - shank

Then run

sudo yaourt vscode

Then Type 4 to choose this one

4 aur/code 1.24.1-1 (143) (16.35)
    Microsoft Code -- The Open Source build of Visual Studio Code (vscode)