Try faceswap with Arch Linux


What is faceswap

See deepfakes/faceswap

Seems a little bit difficult to use it.

But worth to give it a try.

Make it work

Install anaconda

If you don’t have yay, check this post.

yay -S anaconda

Create a conda virtual environment

conda create -n faceswap python=3.6

python3.6 is recommended here.

Install Nvidia driver and cuda support

yay -S nvidia nvidia-utils cuda

We need cuda-10.0 here! If not match this version. try downgrade

How to downgrade?
yay -S downgrade
downgrade cudnn

Add cudnn to cuda

Download cuDNN-7.5 for cuda-10.0 on official site.

You neet to register and login first.

Then unzip the cudnn-10.0-linux-x64-v7.5.0.56.tgz file to /opt/cuda.

Get faceswap source code and install it

git clone
cd faceswap

# active conda virtual environment
source activate faceswap

# install
dlib problem?

You may got dlib problem when you run faceswap.

# replace blas with openblas
sudo pacman -S openblas

# get dlib source code
git clone
cd dlib

# active conda virtual environment
source activate faceswap

python install

play with faceswap

# try gui
python gui